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Suit/Tuxedo Measurements

Coat Sleeve

With a jacket on, measure from the underarm to the break of wrist, along inside seam of the sleeve.
Do not measure to the end of the jacket sleeve.
This is an important measurement! Take it twice to be on the safe side.


Measuring tape should go underneath arms and over largest part of the chest.


Measure over the arms, with the jacket off, across the largest part of the chest and upper arms.


Measure just below the belly button, where dress pants are usually worn.


Measure across the largest part of the seat and thigh.


Measure from the top of the hipbone to just where the shoe heel meets the sole.

Shirt Sleeve

Measure from the center of the top of the back, over the shoulder and down to the wrist.


Measure around the center of the neck, adding a half inch to ensure comfort.