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Other Services

Wedding Gown & Bridal Party Care

We offer a variety of wedding gown and bridal party care services, which include last minute alterations, cleaning and pressing.

Leather & Suede

Genuine suede and leather garments require special handling to preserve the original finish, heavenly feel and rich saturated color. This is why we send out your prized purses, jackets and coats to specialists that we believe can do the most professional job, with their expertise and available equipment.

Pillow Renovation

Good sleep starts with a comfortable bed and more importantly a soft, supportive pillow. Over time pillows lose their shape and white covers turn yellow and stained. We’ll refurbish your down or cotton/poly blend pillows so they look like new again. Our special machine will remove all feathers and down clusters to clean, sanitize and plump up the pillow.


A Persian, Oriental or Contemporary rug can define a space and add beautiful color to a home but is often overlooked when it comes time to drop off dry cleaning. Since most rugs lie in high-traffic walkways, it’s important to send them in to remove embedded dirt, as well as to prolong the life of the item in your home.

Table Linens

We carefully launder your stained tablecloths, placemats, runners and napkins and then press each piece so that they look pristine and ready for use.

Household Items

Miscellaneous items such as blankets, bedspreads, throws and sleeping bags merit an equal amount of detailed attention when being cleaned. Blankets and throws will maintain their rich, saturated color and the plush down interior of your sleeping bags will be rejuvenated.

Bed Linens

Pamper your luxurious linens with a gentle cleaning and smooth pressed finish. Butter-soft sheeting with a high thread count, a bold patterned duvet or a textured linen sheet that softens with age are all welcome.