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Dry Cleaning FAQs & Tips

Dry Cleaning Tips

  • Have your garments dry cleaned regularly.
  • Bring in garments for professional care as soon as possible after staining occurs.
  • Discuss any stains with us and be sure to point out any light colored spills.
  • Avoid garment contact with liquids containing alcohol, such as perfume, which can cause color loss.
  • Protect your garments, especially silk, from excessive perspiration. Excessive perspiration can weaken silk fibers.
  • Allow deodorants and antiperspirants to dry completely before you dress.
  • Protect garments from prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Do not iron stained garments, as heat can set some stains, making them harder or impossible to remove.

Dry Cleaning FAQs

  • Q: What is “Dry Cleaning”?
    A: “Dry Cleaning” is the entire process of cleaning in solvent, spot treating, and pressing.

  • Q: Is dry cleaning good for clothes?
    A: Yes. Dry cleaning prolongs the life of clothes by removing dirt and grease which can damage fabrics if left in too long.

  • Q: Do I need to tell the cleaner what caused the stain?
    A: Yes. The type of stain will determine the best way to remove it.

  • Q: Should I bring in stained clothes right away?
    A: The sooner the better. Some fabrics will stain permanently if left unattended for too long.

  • Q: Should I have all matching pieces cleaned at the same time?
    A: Yes. Color loss, if any, will be uniform and variations will be minimal.

  • Q: Should I store cleaned garments in the plastic bag in which they were returned?
    A: No. Always store dry cleaned clothes uncovered.