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Expert On-site Alterations

From torn pockets and broken zippers, to tapering the waist on an adored top and “taking-in or out” pants to flawlessly contour your body we will provide you with quality, fast alterations & repairs.

Taking advantage of this service allows you to update your wardrobe along with the rapidly changing trends without paying a fortune for new clothes. Be sure to bring in the shoes that you plan on wearing when making adjustments.

Don’t throw away your sentimental garments we can always save it and make it fit.

Coats & Jackets

  • Raise-shorten collar
  • Adjust Shoulders
  • Narrow lapels
  • Back in-out
  • Reline half-full
  • Elbow patches
  • Sides in-out
  • Move buttons
  • Sleeves shorten-lengthen
  • Shorten-lengthen jacket
  • New zipper


  • Waist in-out
  • Replace elastic
  • Suspender buttons
  • Replace pockets
  • Replace zipper
  • Crotch in-out
  • Reline trousers
  • Narrow legs
  • Cuff add or remove
  • Hem up or down


  • Back in or out
  • Replace lining
  • Move button


  • Narrow ties

Dresses & Formal Gowns

  • Should pads add or remove
  • Sides in-out
  • Waist in-out
  • Shorten sleeves
  • Hem up or down

Shirt or blouse

  • Turn collar
  • Shorten sleeves
  • European fit
  • Shorten or lengthen


  • New binding or mending


  • Reline
  • Shorten/hem up or lengthen

And More Misc. Alterations & Repairs